SEO Mistakes To Avoid That Can Ruin Your Business

Is it difficult doing everything you can think of just trying to get your site to rank higher when it comes to search results? Why aren’t you getting ranked higher, then? Lots of people who have new websites try to get their sites to rank higher but they don’t use the rules they know in the backs of their minds. The rules search engines set for their ranking requirements are always being changing and the means of optimizing websites are changing as well.

If your main goal is to remain in the lead of everyone you’re competing with and you wish to get on the front page of Google, then you had better not make the following mistakes. If you do this, you will achieve much more and it won’t matter how much money you put into it.

Having a Heavy Website

Images can greatly enhance the look and feel of your site, but too many can actually damage it. You could actually lower your search engine rankings by having too many images and not enough room for search engine friendly content. Even though your images might have text on them, they’re not the same as the plain text on your site. Search engines can’t read the text you have showing on your images, which makes them worthless for SEO purposes. Of course, some graphics are a good idea, so be sure you enter your niche’s keywords within the ALT tags for each image displayed. Search engines are able to read your ALT attributes, so having your keywords in there can assist your ranking in the long run.

Internal Linking

The second mistake is ineffective internal linking. Your site’s internal linking is all in your hands and it is an additional factor that you have 100% control over. It is even common for internet marketers to overlook internal linking and focus more on sending the visitor off someplace else. This SEO tactic will make everyone happy; you, the search engines, and your visitors. And what makes it so great is that these are permanent results, not temporary. There are plenty of examples to observe a good internal linking strategy, one that comes to mind is; notice how they provide you with plenty of recommendations that send you to related products?


Now, probably the most important part of effective SEO is getting incoming links but get too many at once because your site will be penalized for spamming. For your own good, don’t fall victim to the link building services that will mass spam your new site’s link and get you thousands of incoming links. These spam tactics do not work anymore. Are you willing to get your brand new site sandboxed and de-indexed because you didn’t have the patience to build your links naturally over time? So if you don’t want your site to disappear from the search engines, build links naturally but consistently.

Overall, search engine optimization involves you to achieve a strong balance between the on-page SEO and the off-page SEO. Don’t forget to keep adding quality content and getting relevant backlinks to point back to the pages for even better ranking. Just make sure you’re building links naturally with good amount of internal linking.